Learn with The IDEAL School

The IDEAL School is an

Online English language school
  • Learn English where the focus is on you the individual international student, not the curriculum or the program.
  • Flexible times and options for online learning that is individualized.

The IDEAL School is a

Homeschool Resource
  • We provide a variety of classes in the Vancouver, Camas, Washougal areas of Washington state – advanced high school math classes, foreign languages, and help for students with special needs such as blindness.
  • We serve as a home school resource both online and in the greater Portland metro area.

The IDEAL School is here for you:

  • We specialize in customized classes and programs for student needs.
  • Our focus is on results, not on how much time you spend in the classroom.
  • Let our professional teachers open the doors to a whole new world.

The IDEAL School is committed to equal opportunity in admissions, education, employment, and the use of facilities by prohibiting discrimination in those areas based on age, disability, sex or gender, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, race, color, religion or creed, or veteran status. The IDEAL School expects all of its students, staff, and board of directors to work together to create and encourage a climate of diversity where everyone values individual and group differences and respects others' perspectives.