The IDEAL School Puts Your Interests, Needs, and Desires First!

Crater Lake Manu The IDEAL School provides individualized instruction that is focused on you, the student. Our goal is to help you achieve your individual goals. Besides the great academics, you also get the chance to be part of a larger family—including not only the Davis family but also the other students who are living here at the time. You don’t have to feel alone or isolated. At The IDEAL School, you are a welcome addition to our school family.

At some schools your classes are not exactly what you wanted them to be and you feel either bored or overwhelmed.

Most language schools try to place you in the correct level, but sometimes it doesn't work so well. Maybe the classes are too easy for you. We have seen students who flunk a test because they wanted be in an easier level. The problem–you get bored and don't learn as much. Other students try to keep up in their classes, but they need more time. They feel frustrated and oftentimes quit.

The problem is most language programs focus on their curriculum, not on you, the individual student. They have to cover all the materials for that level. Even if you do not understand the materials, they have to keep going so they can stay on schedule.

Wouldn't you like to learn what you want to learn until you not only understand it but also can use it?  You can at The IDEAL School.

The IDEAL School is Different

Quote -success At The IDEAL School, your interests, needs, desires come first. We have fewer students, so we individualize each student’s program. You are not being placed into a level of the curriculum we think you should be in. No. We create a special program for your interests and goals. For example, a recent student wanted to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The problem was that he had never even seen a TOEFL and scored quite low on pre-tests given here at the school. After just five weeks of intense work with our TOEFL Instructor, he got the score he needed. All of the activities in the classroom were focused on improving his TOEFL test-taking skills and improving his English writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

BdaycakeEven if there are a number of students here at The IDEAL School, you can basically make your own program. We will help you set goals that you can reach during your stay at The IDEAL School. As we study in the classroom and interact in the house and around the campus, the teachers will help you work towards your goals.

Chiplips For example, there are five students at The IDEAL School—one wants to improve her conversational English, two are working on the TOEFL, and two are preparing for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). As we watch a movie together in class, each student would work on something to help meet his/her goals.

The person working on conversational English might focus on the ways characters in the movie show that they agree or disagree (That’s a good idea; I don’t think so; Are you sure?; Are you crazy?). The TOEFL students might watch a short clip from the movie and then practice speaking about the conversation. This would help them prepare for the speaking section of the TOEFL. The TOEIC students would practice answering multiple choice questions about the conversations in the same format as the TOEIC Test.