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Online English Classes


If you can't study in the United States right now, you can begin by taking English classes online with our professional language educators. The classes are all individualized so you can learn what you need to learn. You meet your teacher at a convenient time for both of you. Most students use

for the class session, though Skype is the preferred method of The IDEAL School.

Sign up below for a 15 minute class. This will help you decide how much you want to study at The IDEAL School Online. After your 1st 15-minute class, you can sign up for 1 or more hours of classes. Most students use these hours within one week.

Payment Hours (each class hour is 45 minutes) Cost/Hour
Internet Phone Preference (Choose 1)
Your username on the system above
15-30 minutes - 1st time only - $2 $4-8
1 Hour $25
4 Hours - $90
Save $10.
8 Hours - $160
Save $40.
12 Hours - $225
Save $75.
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